söndag 4 november 2007

LGF, Ted Ekeroth and Sverigedemokraterna

Little Green Footballs' SD-bashing has escaped no internet counter-jihadist's attention. It's quite surprising to an immigration-critical Swede like myself that Charles and his readers, self-proclaimed politically incorrect, agree to the full with the Swedish politically correct establishment and its most pro-Multiculturalist magazine of Expo.

But the Sweden Democrat in question at the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, Ted Ekeroth, is probably one of the most pro-Israeli of the Sweden Democrats. Before he joined SD he was the leader of Föreningen Israel och demokrati i Mellanöstern (The Association for Israel and Democracy in the Middle-East). He was even awarded the Herzl-award for his efforts, although the Zionist Federation of Sweden rather arbitrarily tried to persuade Ekeroth to leave SD. After some controversy, Ekeroth was finally given the award anyway as he didn't resign

And on November 27th, 2004, before he announced his membership of SD, Ekeroth wrote an op-ed for Kristianstadsbladet (a local daily of southern Sweden), in which he criticized the then prime minister Göran Persson (Social-democrat) for his mourning over Arafat's death. The article indicates that Ekeroth has great deal of knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict's history and is taking Israel's side (even Charles Johnson would appreciate it!)

Kristianstadsbladet, November 27th, 2004 (my translation:)
Arafat's dream was to see Israel obliterated

Prime minister Göran Persson explained to Aftonbladet (November 23rd) what he considers required to create an enduring peace between Israel and the Arab world. One gets surprised of the prime minister's statements which indicate both ignorance and misunderstanding to the root of the conflict. It's briefly speaking that the Arab world never has accepted a Jewish state near to it. This has in different ways been reflected in Arabic government-controlled media, mosques and school books where Jew-hatred, tributes to martyrs and encouragement to terror attacks flourish with no bounds.

The prime minister among other things says that occupation "conflicting public international law" by Israel is the root to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Comfortably, he forgets that Jordan in 1948 conquered Judea/Samaria territories which the surrounding world later has come to call the West Bank, for political reasons. In the same war of attacks against the recetly founded Israel, Egypt conquered the Gaza strip. What happened during the 19 years the Arab world controlled Judea/Samaria and Gaza? Nothing. No "Palestinian" state was founded and there was no peace and calm.

Most [organizations, groups et cetera,] the UN included, are aware of this, but has instead chosen to begin with Israel's conquest of the same areas of 1967 in the historical description. Since it was a war of self defense to put a stop to the instant terror raids at Israeli territory, and in defense against an explicit obliberation threat from Egypt among others, Israel's conquests of the areas were in compliance to public international law.

Right after the war, the Arab states were offered peace and negotiations to peace, in exchange for them to recognize Israel. At the Arab League's meeting in the same year, the offer got the nowadays classical answer: No to peace, no negotiations, and no recognition of Israel. They said the same to the Peel commission's proposal of 1937 and the UN's plan for solution of 1947.

Arafat's own organizations, Fatah and PLO, were founded in, respectively, 1959 and 1964, that is long before Israel occupied the later called "Palestinian territory". Their objective has always been to destroy Israel and build a Palestine of the Jewish state's ruins. So how could Persson claim that the Israeli control of the areas is the "root of the conflict?"

The prime minister's reference to "[Arafat's] dream of justice" appears disgraceful and insulting to everyone of Arafat's terror victims - as well Arabs as Jews. This dictator has ruled, as have many other despots - by threats violence and murders, and therefore ought not to get the "grief and sadness" of a Swedish prime minister, when he is finally past away. Arafat's objective was to destroy Israel - an objective he dedicated his life to accomplish. Is that the dream prime minister Persson shares?

-Ted Ekeroth

I think Charles Johnson would agree that Ted Ekeroth, SD's treasurer in Lund, southern Sweden, who attended the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels as an individual, not as a party representative, is not a Nazi!

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torsdag 18 oktober 2007

How far should Sweden go?!

Europe is to be lectured by Saudi-Arabia on human rights October 21st-23rd, in Copenhagen. In Britain, they are considering a rewrite of their history to make it more Islam-friendly.
And in Sweden, it's now proposed that imam-education should be introduced in universities.
If you thought that Swedish PC-looneys perhaps had learned something from the Roundabout Dog conflict, you're wrong.
MP Luciano Astudillo of the Swedish Social-Democrats in a parliamentary bill proposes that Imam-education be enabled in Swedish universities. The piece was written on Sep. 28th and submitted as a proposal on october 5th.
My translation:

Swedish Imam-education

Proposal to the Parliament

The Parliament announces its intention to the government regarding the quotation of the proposal bill of Imam-education at university level


Islam must be given conditions to be a part of the Swedish, instead of be labeled something different and odd. Sweden needs to give Islam conditions to be as Swedish as the concepts of meatballs, pizza and kebab. Swedish Muslims can only be Swedish for real when their religious belonging is a part of the Swedish culture. Otherwise, we run the risk of having a separation between Muslims and non-Muslims in the society. A separation that much likely leads to segregation and discrimination.
There are different ways of giving Islam conditions to Islam to be Swedish. Such a way, is to practise Islam in open, light and real mosques. Not like today, as several so-called mosques is constitued by dark and cold basement ready to fall apart. Another way is to enable theologic imam-education at university level.
An imam is a learned person of Islam who leads the prayer, advises families, mediates in conflicts and gives spiritual guidance to those who want it. In other words, an imam is an important person of the lives of practising Muslims. Today, it's usual that Muslim congregations have to bring in an imam from the home country. Often, the imam in question has no knowledge in the Swedish language and society. One could question the relevance of the guidance an imam can give to Swedish young Muslims who wants it. Particularly young Muslims show that they hardly have any confidence to imams today working in the congregations. These young Swedes need to discuss theological and everyday topics with somebody who understands their world. With the multi-religious society Sweden now has become, it's time for the next natural step. Let's make it possible also for Islam to become Swedish in the same way Christianity became Swedish once upon a time. In a modern, democratic state, there's room for plenty religions. It's time to let Islam get painted in yellow and blue

Stockholm, September 28th, 2007.

Luciano Astudillo (s)

[emphasis added]

What is his message? "Sweden doesn't need lecture on human rights by Saudi-Arabia to be islamized. We can do it ourselves"?
The other day, Norweighan writer Fjordman asked: "Does anyone still think Eurabia is a conspiracy theory?"

tisdag 25 september 2007

Attention, Københavnare!

Danish Trykkefrihedsselskabet (Freedom of Press Society) will hold a meeting on October 2nd in support of artist Lars Vilks and Swedish daily Nerikes Allehanda. The former has drawn a series of blasphemous roundabout dogs depicting 7th century paedophile and genocidal maniac Mohammed (who is also known as the "prophet of Islam"). The latter published one of these drawings.
Both Vilks and NA's editor-in-chief Ulf Johansson have prices on their heads

From amongst the speakers at the meeting, we find Flemming Rose, head of Jyllands-Posten's culture pages, Kurt Westergaard, the man who drew the most famous of the JP-cartoons (bomb-turban Mohammed) and Nasser Khader, popular Danish politician and secular Muslims' leader.

Trykkefrihetsselskabet: Solidarity to Lars Vilks and Nerikes Allehanda:
It's about time for Europe to stand up for the freedom which is a condition for all the other freedoms; the freedom of speech.

Københavnare, and possibly tourists: the entrance fee will be 100 kroner. Do go there!
(Everything on the Modoggie affair can be read here. Much material has been translated from Swedish by me)

onsdag 29 augusti 2007

The latest on Sweden's Mohammed affair

Svenska Dagbladet/TT reported yesterday that a new demo will take place on Friday. This time attended by Muslims from all of the country:
Muslims in Örebro and from all of Sweden will keep on with their demonstrations against Nerikes Allehanda. Also on this Friday, there will to all appearances be a crowd outside the newspaper's office
"There'll be a big demonstration on Friday, and the Islamic center will organize it" says Jamal Lamhamdi, chairman of Örebro's Islamic Center of Culture

The organization is now applying for permission [to protest] and the want to carry out their protest after Friday's prayer, a week after the first demonstration. However, the first was not arranged by the Center of Culture, but, according to Lamhamdi, by other Muslim organizations

"Many Muslims are provoked and don't feel good, but as an organization we're trying as good as we can to calm the situation down and we call for all Muslims not to excite" says Jamal Lamhamdi, who considers the drawings as a defamation of Muslims that crosses the border of free speech

Meanwhile in Uppsala (transcript is from Sveriges Radio; yesterday's Upplandsnytt. WMA-file, 4:22 - 6:40):
Yesterday in Uppsala, Muslim associations and congregations formed a comittee for planning protest actions against publications of Mohammed-drawings, similar to those drawed by Lars Vilks. Among others, Uppsala Nya Tidning has published Mohammed as a roundabout dog, which has angered many. For instance Yiha Abu Sakaria [don't know if my spelling is correct] of the Arab Cultural Association in Uppsala.
[Yiha, in faulty Swedish:] "I think that Nerikes Allehanda, Uppsala Nya Tidning and most of the Swedish newspapers have hurted Muslims"
The caricature drawings by Lars Vilks which have been published in many papers, among them Uppsala Nya Tidning, have raised emotions among many Muslims. Yesterday, the Iranian government sent a formal protest against Nerikes Allehanda's publication, and a comittee was formed in Uppsala in order to protest against further publications. For instance, they want to meet UNT's editor-in-chief.
[Yiha again:] "We're will try to convince him that one cannot publish such drawings. It will hurt Muslims here in Sweden. [And] Sweden has big investments in Arab countries. What if Muslims would react furiously and boycott Swedish products; Scandia, Ericsson, Volvo... Why repeat what happened in Denmark?"
[UNT's editor-in-chief Lars Nilsson:] "I've no objection on discussing this, but the question is; is there that much worth discussing? When listening to this representative of this group speaking about the threats [Muslim countries] are going to expose on the newspapers... [interrupted]"
Do you mean boycotts?
"Well, it has become clear what it's all about.."
He is saying that you abuse the freedom speech & press and insult people & their religion.
"Hurting Muslims.. Well, I think this reaction from an amount of Muslims is hurting Muslims more than the tiny little drawing that has been published in the papers."

tisdag 28 augusti 2007

Conspiracy theory of the week

Yesterday, the Iranian government protested against Nerikes Allehanda's publication of Mohammed as a roundabout dog. Most LGF & GoV readers have probably read about it in The Local. But the article excludes a new rather funny conspiracy theory, supposedly concocted by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Director General for Central and North Europe Ali Baqeri. I quote him from a dispatch by Islamic Republic News Agency itself:
The act might be masterminded by some groups who seek to mar ties between Sweden and other Muslim states

Were do I sign to join these groups of conspirators?


These groups of conspirators are, of course... the Zionists! Islamic Republic News Agency:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday castigated a Swedish daily for publishing blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and said that the Zionists, who do not believe in religion, are behind such a dirty job.

"Religions call for friendship, equality, justice, peace and respect for divine prophets (Peace Be Upon Them). The Zionists only pretend to believe in religion. They are telling lies. They are perpetrating oppression against the Europeans and putting at risk the prestige of Europe."
He said that the Zionists are the minority whose population is very small, but, they are doing things in an organized manner.

They are suffering from psychological complex since blasphemy against one prophet accounts for blasphemy against all of them.

The Local:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that "Zionists" were behind a cartoon in Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, which depicted the head of the Prophet Mohammed on a dog's body. The drawing sparked an official protest by Tehran to Stockholm.

"They do not want the Swedish government to be a friend of other nations. I strongly believe they are behind it (the cartoon). They thrive on conflict and war," he said.

The claim came during a tirade against Israel, in which Ahmadineja accused Zionists of sowing conflict, publishing offensive cartoons and "lying about being Jewish."

"Zionists are people without any religion," Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly predicted that Israel is doomed to disappear, told a news conference in Tehran.

"They are lying about being Jewish because religion means brotherhood, friendship and respecting other divine religions," he said.

"They are an organised minority who have infiltrated the world. They are not even a 10,000-strong organisation," he said.

"Anywhere they are found there is war. Anywhere where there is war they are behind it," Ahmadinejad added.

Now he's trying to blame possible / eventual riots, perpetrated by Muslims, on the Zionists. His part on the "Zionists' " unwillingness to Swedish-Muslim states' relations, however, indicates no solidarity to the Swedes. Ahmadinejad blaming Zionists is rather an act of reflex.

måndag 27 augusti 2007

Islamification of Ladonia? | Hizb ut-Tarhir in Copenhagen

Via Every Kinda People, I just found an article from Aftonbladet published on Mars 12th in 2002, concerning citizenship applications of Ladonia, which is the territory Lars Vilks claims to be his state! Don't now if to laugh or cry:

Pretended country swindled thousands of poor people
Pakistanis seeked asylum via the internet
Controversial artist Lars Vilks has got an unexpected problem.
He claims to have created a land on the rocks of Scanian Kullaberg and calls it Ladonia. But people from poor countries think that the land actually exists.
3000 Pakistanis have seeked political asylum
Lars Vilks has become known for his controversial wood buildings in the area, Nimis and Arx.
The authorities have demanded that he demolish them, the disputes has endured for 30 years.
In 1996, Vilks declared declared the area as his own land - Ladonia. Then, Ladonia's website got available on the internet.
The text is in English and one can read about Ladonia's history, its government and its own paper Ladonia Herald
Application for citizenship
One can read that Ladonia is Sweden and got independent in 1996. If you click further, you can find a citizenship application form.
[Question] Lars Vilks, people from the third world perhaps believe that this is a real country?
"But it is. It's occupation of Swedish territory"
This year he has been contacted by several Pakistani businessmen.
"They offered to invest in Ladonia. It's a way for them to get into the West, normally it is impossible for them. The recent weeks it began accelerating. People asked for jobs and residents.
Lots of applications
Although Vilks tried to explain it couldn't be, he could hardly convince the Pakistanis. At the end 100-200 people a day applied and when Vilks was forced to shut his homepage down, about 3000 Pakistanis had applied. Yesterday, he re-opened the website. And everything is as it used to. One can read about Ladonia, the paper and watch the government.
There's still citizenship application, but now it stands that one cannot live or work in Ladonia. Nor are there any visa to apply for.

Now we know why Muslims are pissed off; Vilks denied Muslims citizenship five years ago!

Ladonia, image from Aftonbladet


Berlingske Tidende reported yesterday on Islamic supremacist group Hizb ut-Tahrir's assmebly in KB-hallen, Copenhagen.
God was great in KB-hallen
About 1000 Hizb ut-Tahrir members were encouraged to fight the "Jew-state"

About 1000 members and sympathizers of Hizb ut-Tahrir yesterday gathered in KB-hallen to their annual conference. Members was encouraged via a message from the organization's host countries to fight the "Jew-state" and to labour for the establishment of the Caliphate.
"Who is the greatest?", shouts a sole voice from the audience in KB-hallen, Fredriksberg. Around a thousand of them shouts back with a loud volume: "ALLAHU AKBER!" (God is the greatest!)
The large KB-hallen, in which it normally is played handball-matches and held flea markets, for six hours on Sunday afternoon was housed by the fundamentalist party of Hizb ut-Tahrir

Men and women were not allowed to sit next to each other, use of cellphone was prohibited and children should be kept under supervision. They discussed how to institute the "Kilafah- the Muslims' most important objective" (i.e. the Caliphate,) which is to be run under "Allah's permission."
The meeting began with a tape-recorded greeting from the world-extensive organization's leader, or emir, Ata Abu Rashta. His message was a mixture of spiritual improvement with the life of Mohammed as a starting point, but also that the present audience should remember the Arabic army leader Saladdin, and his liberation of Palestine from the European crusaders.
In connection to the name of Saladdin, the attenders were encouraged to keep fighting the modern "Jew-state".

Attenders of Hizb ut-Tahrir's assembly in KB-hallen, August 25th. Picture from Berlingske Tidende

lördag 25 augusti 2007

Vilks' Mohammed-drawings in the Swedish press

Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna wrote following on August 14th:

I notice that the Danish papers are willing to print Mr. Vilks’ drawings, but I haven’t seen any on the Swedish or Norwegian MSM sites so far

Since then, Swedish newspapers have decided to publish after all.
Småland's biggest newspaper Barometern published one of them on August 15th.
Aftonbladet published one of them on August 20th.
Dagens Nyheter published one of them on August 22nd. Not in the online-version, though, but in the original paper-version (as I reported to Gates of Vienna.)
Sydsvenskan published one of them yesterday, together with Vilks' "Jewish sow", in a longer interview of Vilks.
Aftonbladet and Barometern publishing Mo' got reactions on the Scandinavian Islamic forum Sindbad.
Signature Alesha wrote (screenshot):

Salam alaykum
Two Swedish newspapers have published the drawings of Mohammed by Lars Vilks, Aftonbladet on 8/20, and Barometern 8/22
NB: Don't go in to the homepages if you don't want to see the drawings.
I hope that Muslims all over the world get to know this and hopefully boycott Swedish goods henceforth. I think that we should do the same, threats and violence are pointless and not Islamic and it seems that it isn't able to have a dialogue with Vilks neither, he's a Muslim-hater. The newspapers showing the drawings is not understandable.
I think that the only thing one can do for the moment is to boycott everything Swedish until they apologize and remove the drawings. For instance Arla's products, Ikea et cetera..

Now you think, "that's not a moderate Muslim at all!". Just my thoughts too, until I compared it with a reply she got from signature UmmAldin (screenshot.) He is not satisfied with a boycott:

As-Salamu 'alaykom we rahmetullahi we berekatuhu
Alesha wrote:
threats and violence are pointless and not islamic

Sister, when the prophet Mohammed sallAllahu 'alejhi we selleme conquered Mecca, he punished the writers who wrote satirical songs on him by death. And today, discusting Kaffir draw him as a dog and most of the Muslims do nothing
Sister, the punishment for this is death, nothing else
What do you mean with boycotting goods? There only were cowards from Saudi-Arabia who proposed this because it's the only thing they can do

Death and only death. Wouldn't even quadrupled Jizya be enough?
In comparison to both of these in general and the latter in particular, the demonstration in Örebro on August 24rd was quite moderate. It took place because Örebro's newspaper Nerikes Allehanda published Mohammed on August 19th. NA's web-channel has a video report on the demonstration (wmv)
Ulf Johansson, editor in chief of NA, recieved a letter from three of the angry protesters, in which they demanded an excuse from Johansson, and that NA & similar newspapers never publish the drawings again.

Protesters outside Nerikes Allehanda's office in Örebro, August 24th