torsdag 18 oktober 2007

How far should Sweden go?!

Europe is to be lectured by Saudi-Arabia on human rights October 21st-23rd, in Copenhagen. In Britain, they are considering a rewrite of their history to make it more Islam-friendly.
And in Sweden, it's now proposed that imam-education should be introduced in universities.
If you thought that Swedish PC-looneys perhaps had learned something from the Roundabout Dog conflict, you're wrong.
MP Luciano Astudillo of the Swedish Social-Democrats in a parliamentary bill proposes that Imam-education be enabled in Swedish universities. The piece was written on Sep. 28th and submitted as a proposal on october 5th.
My translation:

Swedish Imam-education

Proposal to the Parliament

The Parliament announces its intention to the government regarding the quotation of the proposal bill of Imam-education at university level


Islam must be given conditions to be a part of the Swedish, instead of be labeled something different and odd. Sweden needs to give Islam conditions to be as Swedish as the concepts of meatballs, pizza and kebab. Swedish Muslims can only be Swedish for real when their religious belonging is a part of the Swedish culture. Otherwise, we run the risk of having a separation between Muslims and non-Muslims in the society. A separation that much likely leads to segregation and discrimination.
There are different ways of giving Islam conditions to Islam to be Swedish. Such a way, is to practise Islam in open, light and real mosques. Not like today, as several so-called mosques is constitued by dark and cold basement ready to fall apart. Another way is to enable theologic imam-education at university level.
An imam is a learned person of Islam who leads the prayer, advises families, mediates in conflicts and gives spiritual guidance to those who want it. In other words, an imam is an important person of the lives of practising Muslims. Today, it's usual that Muslim congregations have to bring in an imam from the home country. Often, the imam in question has no knowledge in the Swedish language and society. One could question the relevance of the guidance an imam can give to Swedish young Muslims who wants it. Particularly young Muslims show that they hardly have any confidence to imams today working in the congregations. These young Swedes need to discuss theological and everyday topics with somebody who understands their world. With the multi-religious society Sweden now has become, it's time for the next natural step. Let's make it possible also for Islam to become Swedish in the same way Christianity became Swedish once upon a time. In a modern, democratic state, there's room for plenty religions. It's time to let Islam get painted in yellow and blue

Stockholm, September 28th, 2007.

Luciano Astudillo (s)

[emphasis added]

What is his message? "Sweden doesn't need lecture on human rights by Saudi-Arabia to be islamized. We can do it ourselves"?
The other day, Norweighan writer Fjordman asked: "Does anyone still think Eurabia is a conspiracy theory?"

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RonL sa...

Thank you for blogging.
It is so difficult for those of us whose Swedish is rusty (or in my case nearly non-existent) to hear the truth from Sweden.

1389 sa...

"It's time to let Islam get painted in yellow and blue"? That's exactly the same type of mistake as the multiculturalists in the US are making.

For the reasons why we cannot live with Islam the way we can with legitimate religions, please see: Happy Thanksgiving: A Proposed Constitutional Amendment at Foehammer's Anvil.

I've added your blog to the blogroll at 1389 Blog - Antijihadist Tech.

Anonym sa...

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