söndag 4 november 2007

LGF, Ted Ekeroth and Sverigedemokraterna

Little Green Footballs' SD-bashing has escaped no internet counter-jihadist's attention. It's quite surprising to an immigration-critical Swede like myself that Charles and his readers, self-proclaimed politically incorrect, agree to the full with the Swedish politically correct establishment and its most pro-Multiculturalist magazine of Expo.

But the Sweden Democrat in question at the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, Ted Ekeroth, is probably one of the most pro-Israeli of the Sweden Democrats. Before he joined SD he was the leader of Föreningen Israel och demokrati i Mellanöstern (The Association for Israel and Democracy in the Middle-East). He was even awarded the Herzl-award for his efforts, although the Zionist Federation of Sweden rather arbitrarily tried to persuade Ekeroth to leave SD. After some controversy, Ekeroth was finally given the award anyway as he didn't resign

And on November 27th, 2004, before he announced his membership of SD, Ekeroth wrote an op-ed for Kristianstadsbladet (a local daily of southern Sweden), in which he criticized the then prime minister Göran Persson (Social-democrat) for his mourning over Arafat's death. The article indicates that Ekeroth has great deal of knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict's history and is taking Israel's side (even Charles Johnson would appreciate it!)

Kristianstadsbladet, November 27th, 2004 (my translation:)
Arafat's dream was to see Israel obliterated

Prime minister Göran Persson explained to Aftonbladet (November 23rd) what he considers required to create an enduring peace between Israel and the Arab world. One gets surprised of the prime minister's statements which indicate both ignorance and misunderstanding to the root of the conflict. It's briefly speaking that the Arab world never has accepted a Jewish state near to it. This has in different ways been reflected in Arabic government-controlled media, mosques and school books where Jew-hatred, tributes to martyrs and encouragement to terror attacks flourish with no bounds.

The prime minister among other things says that occupation "conflicting public international law" by Israel is the root to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Comfortably, he forgets that Jordan in 1948 conquered Judea/Samaria territories which the surrounding world later has come to call the West Bank, for political reasons. In the same war of attacks against the recetly founded Israel, Egypt conquered the Gaza strip. What happened during the 19 years the Arab world controlled Judea/Samaria and Gaza? Nothing. No "Palestinian" state was founded and there was no peace and calm.

Most [organizations, groups et cetera,] the UN included, are aware of this, but has instead chosen to begin with Israel's conquest of the same areas of 1967 in the historical description. Since it was a war of self defense to put a stop to the instant terror raids at Israeli territory, and in defense against an explicit obliberation threat from Egypt among others, Israel's conquests of the areas were in compliance to public international law.

Right after the war, the Arab states were offered peace and negotiations to peace, in exchange for them to recognize Israel. At the Arab League's meeting in the same year, the offer got the nowadays classical answer: No to peace, no negotiations, and no recognition of Israel. They said the same to the Peel commission's proposal of 1937 and the UN's plan for solution of 1947.

Arafat's own organizations, Fatah and PLO, were founded in, respectively, 1959 and 1964, that is long before Israel occupied the later called "Palestinian territory". Their objective has always been to destroy Israel and build a Palestine of the Jewish state's ruins. So how could Persson claim that the Israeli control of the areas is the "root of the conflict?"

The prime minister's reference to "[Arafat's] dream of justice" appears disgraceful and insulting to everyone of Arafat's terror victims - as well Arabs as Jews. This dictator has ruled, as have many other despots - by threats violence and murders, and therefore ought not to get the "grief and sadness" of a Swedish prime minister, when he is finally past away. Arafat's objective was to destroy Israel - an objective he dedicated his life to accomplish. Is that the dream prime minister Persson shares?

-Ted Ekeroth

I think Charles Johnson would agree that Ted Ekeroth, SD's treasurer in Lund, southern Sweden, who attended the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels as an individual, not as a party representative, is not a Nazi!

[Edit: spelling]

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