lördag 25 augusti 2007

Vilks' Mohammed-drawings in the Swedish press

Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna wrote following on August 14th:

I notice that the Danish papers are willing to print Mr. Vilks’ drawings, but I haven’t seen any on the Swedish or Norwegian MSM sites so far

Since then, Swedish newspapers have decided to publish after all.
Småland's biggest newspaper Barometern published one of them on August 15th.
Aftonbladet published one of them on August 20th.
Dagens Nyheter published one of them on August 22nd. Not in the online-version, though, but in the original paper-version (as I reported to Gates of Vienna.)
Sydsvenskan published one of them yesterday, together with Vilks' "Jewish sow", in a longer interview of Vilks.
Aftonbladet and Barometern publishing Mo' got reactions on the Scandinavian Islamic forum Sindbad.
Signature Alesha wrote (screenshot):

Salam alaykum
Two Swedish newspapers have published the drawings of Mohammed by Lars Vilks, Aftonbladet on 8/20, and Barometern 8/22
NB: Don't go in to the homepages if you don't want to see the drawings.
I hope that Muslims all over the world get to know this and hopefully boycott Swedish goods henceforth. I think that we should do the same, threats and violence are pointless and not Islamic and it seems that it isn't able to have a dialogue with Vilks neither, he's a Muslim-hater. The newspapers showing the drawings is not understandable.
I think that the only thing one can do for the moment is to boycott everything Swedish until they apologize and remove the drawings. For instance Arla's products, Ikea et cetera..

Now you think, "that's not a moderate Muslim at all!". Just my thoughts too, until I compared it with a reply she got from signature UmmAldin (screenshot.) He is not satisfied with a boycott:

As-Salamu 'alaykom we rahmetullahi we berekatuhu
Alesha wrote:
threats and violence are pointless and not islamic

Sister, when the prophet Mohammed sallAllahu 'alejhi we selleme conquered Mecca, he punished the writers who wrote satirical songs on him by death. And today, discusting Kaffir draw him as a dog and most of the Muslims do nothing
Sister, the punishment for this is death, nothing else
What do you mean with boycotting goods? There only were cowards from Saudi-Arabia who proposed this because it's the only thing they can do

Death and only death. Wouldn't even quadrupled Jizya be enough?
In comparison to both of these in general and the latter in particular, the demonstration in Örebro on August 24rd was quite moderate. It took place because Örebro's newspaper Nerikes Allehanda published Mohammed on August 19th. NA's web-channel has a video report on the demonstration (wmv)
Ulf Johansson, editor in chief of NA, recieved a letter from three of the angry protesters, in which they demanded an excuse from Johansson, and that NA & similar newspapers never publish the drawings again.

Protesters outside Nerikes Allehanda's office in Örebro, August 24th

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